New York Wild Turkey Records

I am currently looking to locate and interview the following hunters for the book

email  me at:  or phone 607-753-8420

Name Home
Category Rank
Frank Spartano PA Typical 12
Scott Davis PA Typical 13
Stanely Hall Jr. PA Typical 15
Bryan Stone NY Typical 19
Robert Kirk FL Typical 19
Douglas Lakowitz NJ Typical 20
Art Flick NY Non-Typical 5
Scott Smith NY Non-Typical 6

George Wade

NY Fall Non-Typical 1
Terrance Pierce NY Fall Non-Typical 2
Chad Ortman PA Fall Non-Typical 3
Darrell Easterly NY Fall Typical 1
Peter Schirrmacher NY Fall Typical 2
Eugene Frost NY Fall Typical 3
Dawn Seacrest PA Female Typical 5
Emily Bowman NY Female Non-Typical 1
Linda Styles NY Female Non-Typical 2


     New Book to be Released 2018