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Looking for the following hunters to Interview: Click here

If you have harvested a legally tagged wild turkey gobbler in NY (not registered NWTF records) with one or more of the following attributes and interested in being interviewed:  Please contact

Note: Non registered birds- measurable attributes  must be verified  for consideration.

  • Typical score greater than  75.000  (weight x1 + beard x 2 + L & R spur x 10)

  • Non-Typical score greater than  105.000  (weight x1 + beard(s) x 2 + L & R spur x 10)

  • Weight greater than 26.5 lbs. (verifiable certified weight)

  • Beard Length greater than 12" (verifiable length)

  • Spur Length greater than 1.625" (verifiable length)

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